Energy for Forest Conservation and Enhanced Livelihoods in Lari Project.

Energy for Forest Conservation and Enhanced Livelihoods in Lari Project.

This is a three years from 2013-2014. It is funded by DANIDA through Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF)

Overall objective

To support community projects aimed at poverty reduction through improved livelihood systems and the conservation of community natural resources and initiatives for enhanced environmental management and governance.

Specific objectives:
a) Support adoption of sustainable and renewable clean energy by at least 300 families for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.
b) Enhance use of good farming practices and water harvesting by at least 500 farm families for sustainable utilization natural resource and improved livelihoods.
c) Reforest at least 500 acre as a way of conserving the water catchment and the biodiversity as a whole.


• At least 200 beneficiaries adopt biogas for climate change mitigation.
• At least 500 beneficiaries and over increase their income as a result of increased agricultural productivity due to use of irrigated agriculture and sustainable farming practices.
• At least 500 acres of land reforested, thus rehabilitated water catchment with improved water flow in spring and rivers


i. Project office equipped, operationalized and project staffs recruited. Community involvement structures, including project implementation committee and thematic sectoral committees established.
ii. 18 sensitization meetings held.
iii. 16 biogas masons trained.
iv. 160 biogas plants installed.
v. 2 tree nurseries with a total of 197,000 seedlings established.
vi. 60,000 tree seedlings planted in 10 schools.
vii. 10 agricultural and environmental clubs formed/supported.
viii. 18 farmer groups trained on GAP; 7 demo plots set up.
ix. 8 farmer groups supplied with clean potato seeds and high value horticultural crop seeds.
x. 2 ToT trainings held on GAP
xi. 76 farmers taken on exchange tours to Eastern (Embu, Meru, Machakos); Central (Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Nyeri); Western/Nyanza (Kisumu, Kakamega, Busia); and Coast (Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi)

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