We are buying excess rice – Munya

We are buying excess rice – Munya

The Kenya National Trading Corporation will purchase all excess rice from Kano Plains and Mwea Irrigation Schemes. This was announced by Peter Munya the CS Ministry of Agricultutre, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives after he made a tour at the Mwea Rice Growers Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

Munya said that the rice will be sold to the disciplined forces, prisons service as well as boarding schools in the country.

“Following the President directive Farmers will no longer suffer post-harvest losses occasioned by lack of storage and market after a bumper harvest,” said Munya

During his address to the nation on January 14th, President Kenyatta directed the National Treasury to release Kshs. 660 million to the Kenya National Trading Corporation to purchase all the excess rice from Kano Plains and Mwea. The two regions experienced bumper harvests and found themselves with excess rice in their stores.

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