Fishy cross border trade hurts traders

Fishy cross border trade hurts traders

Fish traders in Busia have cried foul over unfair competition from their Ugandan counterparts.

 The traders said those from the neighbouring country are taking advantage of the free trade to ferry their produce directly to Nairobi, therefore, hurting business for Kenyan traders.


“They are selling a kilo of fish at Sh300 to retailers in Nairobi, the same price they sell to us here, yet we are competing for the same market,” said Lena Ouma, a fish trader.

She added some fish is smuggled through the border and is therefore not inspected by the health officers in Busia.

Selina Ouma, another trader, lamented that the Ugandans sell them smaller fish and take to Nairobi the bigger ones thus locking them out of the market.

Some of the Ugandans, she added, have been selling the fish on credit as opposed to Kenyans who sell cash.

The traders were speaking in Busia during the inaugural Fish Expo that brought together stakeholders from Kenya and Uganda.


The expo was organised by World Fish, an NGO, running the Fish Trade Project. Project manager Idris Ali said the initiative aims at addressing challenges in the fish trade across borders in Africa.

Ugandan chairman of Busia Cross Border Traders Association Patrick Kenyatta called on both governments and other stakeholders to sensitise traders on harmonised business relationships.

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