11 things starters in poultry business ought to know

11 things starters in poultry business ought to know

Regular readers know that besides rearing chicken, I also train farmers on various aspects such as poultry husbandry, networking, mentorship, goal-setting and business planning.

We also discuss the challenges and opportunities for beginners.

I started these courses due to demand from farmers who, after receiving a hand-out I was sharing, they asked for additional training.

These interactions have helped me come up with 11 concepts that all seasoned and upcoming farmers need to succeed. I’ve summarised them in the table right.

Now, in the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring some of these theoretical and practical concepts for poultry beginners.

From my experience, although technical aspects of animal husbandry practices like disease control and vaccination, feeding, book-keeping or developing business plans that I’ve written on extensively matter a lot (item two to 10 in the table), they are not the game-changer.

Besides capital and basic knowledge in animal husbandry and agronomy, to succeed in any agribusiness venture, one also needs to have a business mind-set and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

One of the first questions I ask farmers is, “What made you venture into poultry farming in the first place?” Many times, I am met with blank stares.

But often, I get a wide-range of responses like, “Well, I just retired from formal employment and need to put my ten-acre piece of land that I bought some years back to better use and keep myself busy.”

Others think of it as a way to make money or employment.

Sometime back, I shared an email I got from Julius Fondo, a reader from Kilifi, who was planning to quit his job as a programmes coordinator with a local NGO to become a full-time poultry farmer.

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