Lobby & Advocacy


To progressively influence change in the agricultural sector environments and promote agri-business through targeted interventions.


A vibrant agricultural sector sustaining improved livelihoods.

Our Values

The federation raison d’être is farmer representation and empowerment through collective action. To achieve this important mandate, the federation strives to excel in its service to members by observing the following core precepts:


LEADERSHIP: Inspiring and empowering future leaders not just for farmers but also in all other walks of public life

STEWARDSHIP: Responsible and respectful use and care for all resources

TRANSPARENCY: Being clear, honest, and forthright in our words, processes, and actions

INTEGRITY: Maintaining the highest standards of honesty, accountability, and morality.

INNOVATIVE: Thinking through, developing and deploying the most appropriate solutions to members’ needs

INFLUENCE: Driving political, educational, and social change on behalf of all members

INCLUSIVITY: Ensuring all people are welcome and valued in KENAFF, and all members are represented fairly


Ongoing Lobby and Policy Action areas:-

Food and Nutrition Security | Seed and Seed Systems | Food Safety | Rural Infrastructure Climate Change | Agricultural Finance | Contract Farming | Land Use and Management Women in Agriculture | Youth in Agriculture | Agricultural Value Chains Forestry and Ecosystems management | Feeds Security | Farmers’ Insurance & Mutual Aid Schemes



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