Who We Are

The Farmers Voice

The Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) is a non-political, non-profit making and democratic member-based umbrella organization of all farmers in Kenya.


It represents the interests of about 2 million farm families as the legitimate farmers’ voice with the objective of articulating issues affecting them through focused lobby and advocacy, targeted capacity building and promotion of sector stakeholders’ cohesiveness in dispensing and progressive uptake of agricultural innovations for enhanced socio-economic status of the farmers.


Formed in 1946 as a Farmers’ Union representing exclusively the rights of the large scale white farmers, the organization has undergone institutional and structural transformations over time to better its services and accommodate the small scale farmers.

KENAFF'S Mission

To progressively influence change in the agricultural sector environments and promote agri-business through targeted interventions.


A vibrant agricultural sector sustaining improved livelihoods.

Projects & Programs

As part of our strategic focus to progressively influence change in the agricultural sector and promote agri-business through targeted interventions, we aggresively initiate projects and programmes towards this goal.


Some of the projects & programmes we have done include:-

- BGAK (Banana Growers Association of Kenya)

- FEISA (Farmer Empowerment for Innovation in Smallholder Agriculture)

- EFED (Enhancing farmers entrepreneurship development)

- KAVES (Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises)

- ABSS (Agribusiness Support for Smallholders)

- KHCP (Kenya Horticultural competitive programme)

- CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture)

- KAPAP (Kenya productivity and Agribusiness)

- 4S@ Scale Programme

- Energy for Forest Conservation and Enhanced Livelihoods

- Lari Project

- Environment & Renewable Energy

- InnovAfrica



Partnership Programmes

To meet our objectives in support of the broader agri-business community in Kenya, we engage in collaborative and mutually supportive activities with national & international associations which share a similar aspiration with us.



Strategic alignment