Connecting, Transforming and Sustaining Livelihoods

Lobby and Advocacy interventions for the livelihood improvement Project

The programme covers a period of 1 year from 2013-2014 supported by Christian Aid.


 It covers 4 counties namely; Makueni, Mandera, Marsabit and Moyale.                                     


Overall objective is to enhance the capacity of the local communities in the project area to participate in policy dialogues to influence change for increased resilience and secure livelihoods

Specific objectives:

  • Identify and package lobby issues from the project areas
  • Enhance participation of the local communities in lobby and advocacy
  • Foster an enabling policy environment in Kenya to effectively promote profitable and resilient livelihoods for marginalized smallholder producers


  • Lobby issues identified, packaged in lobby document
  • Local communities able to engage the relevant authorities at various levels
  • A policy environment that promotes development of the marginalized communities to enhance either livelihoods

Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

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Membership Services

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