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Home-made feed formulation as a means of reducing production cost

Enock Maiyo is a small scale dairy farmer from kibomet in kitale town, who has been relying heavily on commercial feeds for his dairy cows. Due to the high retail price of a 70kg dairy meal going for KShs2600, Enock has not been continuously feeding his dairy herd on commercial feeds.  As a result the milk production from his herd has been unreliable. Previously his 4 cows produced 7 litres of milk per cow on average per day, too low to sustain his family and to plough back the money from the sale of milk to buy more dairy feed. His other major problem is the utilization of fodder crops that he has planted in his farm that is napiergrass and boma Rhodes.

Enock started attending USAID-KAVES trainings on dairy management and he wanted to learn more about how to reduce the production cost on his farm. Due to the passion he had for dairy farming, he took keen interest in learning more about home-made feed formulation and the utilization of fodder to maximize on production of his dairy herd. Currently Enock is formulating his own feeds as a result of the training.  Sourcing of the ingredients has not been a problem since they are readily within the animal feed store in Kitale town.

He makes a formulation of 100kg dairy meal costing him only KShs2,165 His ration is has follows:

  • Maize bran                          -27kg@15/kg=KShs405
  • Wheat bran                         -17kg@15/kg=KShs255
  • Rice bran                              -30kg@20/kg      =KShs600
  • Cotton seed cake                -10kg@35/kg      = KShs350
  • Sunflower seed cake          -10kg@30/kg      =KShs300
  • Maize germ                          -5kg@20/kg        =KShs100
  • DCP                                        -1kg@70/kg        =KShs70
  • Limestone                             -1kg@45/kg        =KShs45
  • Salt pre-mix -0.5kg@80/kg     =KShs40

From his formulation, Enock saves KShs435 after making a dairy meal of 100kg. He has realized an increase of milk from his dairy cows from 7litres/cow/day to 12litres/cow/day, enough to sustain his family. His next target is to buy a pulverizer because he currently hires one which is too costly for him.

His success in making his own feed formulation has attracted the interest of the farmers in his  group (Naisambu Farmers group), and some of the small-scale dairy farmers in the group have started to make their own feed formulation.

Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

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